Does it make sense to make the tool totally portable?

Nov 15, 2010 at 2:37 PM

That's not a secret that you need to download, install and configure some external tools before you can build HxS files with DocMounter. Perhaps, the best choice would be to gather all used tools into one package with the DocMounter exe file so we would not have any issues with downloading and installing "external contents".

DocMounter uses the following external tools:

1) The Sandcastle compiler.
Most likely, we can make it portable and include into the DocMounter binary package.

2) MS Document Explorer used to view built HxS files (what you use to browse MSDN - at least, up to VS2008 version).
Maybe, we can replace it with the H2Viewer by Helpware (

3) HxReg.exe and MS Help Compiler.
A hard task. First, they are distributed as a part of VS SDK, and officially you need to have VS 2005 or 2008 to download and install VS 2005 or 2008 SDK. If we will use H2Viewer, then we do not need HxReg,.exe, but what to do with the MSHelp2 help compiler? Note that we also use it as a COM object, not as an exe from the command line (gives us more control). Can anyone help us and tell us what we can do in this point?